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Our Machinery

FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet

The FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet maximizes cutting time by combining a CNC saw for straight cuts, then synergistically switches to a precision waterjet for tight angles, curves, and corners. This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws - reducing your costs, while increasing your capacity and productivity. At the push of a button, the FUSION® does the work of 3 machines in the same amount of time. The FUSION’s Saw and Waterjet offer the ultimate blend of productivity.

TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series

The legend of TITAN® continues with the introduction of the TITAN® 3000 CNC Router Series. Redesigned to dominate high-speed polishing, packed with operator friendly upgrades and maintenance automation; route, shape, and polish stone with lower costs and maximum uptime.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 1.12.23 PM.png

FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher

The FASTBACK® II will edge, polish and chamfer backsplash, vanities, and countertops in one single pass. Get exceptional, quality edges at a rate up to 65 IPM and pieces up to 96" tall with the SlabBACK Support System. This proven workhorse of the stone countertop fabrication industry has been revamped to give you an even higher level of productivity.

YUKON® II Bridge Saw

Increasing your output speed is easy when you use America’s most popular stone saw - the dependable YUKON® II Bridge Saw from Park Industries®. Trust your sawing needs to the YUKON® II as over 1,000 fabricators have done in North America.

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